Protective Styles!

Caring For Your Hair!

Protective styling is a very important aspect of a hair regimen. It is one of the best ways to minimise breakage because it protects the ends of hair which is where a lot of damage and breakage occurs.
A protective style is a hair style that protects hair ends from everyday exposure to the elements;sun, wind etc. A protective style should not require heat or too much manipulation (combing, brushing, pulling) to create. It should keep hair ends/tips off the shoulders. This basically means that the ends of the hair, which are the oldest and weakest parts of our hair, should be tucked away or hidden to prevent it from getting dry by exposure to the sun and wind, or from getting damaged from rubbing on your shoulders and clothes.
If we leave our hair down, comb and play with it all the time there will be a lot of wear and tear on our hair. It may become excessively dry and this could eventually lead to breakage. Off course our hair can be worn out or down or “enjoyed” from time to time, however wearing it down daily or too often is not advisable.
The conditioning is the important part, you are going to want it to be very moisturized and sealed for install time, so make sure to use one of the best (or a deep conditioner is GREAT!!) conditioners you have on your shelf.

You should avoid alcohols, sulfates, or any chemicals that don’t look great in the ingredient list probably shouldn’t be used. Deep condition your hair under a hooded dryer for 10-15 minutes. Use a plastic cap and a warn towel if necessary.

Even if you moisturize your hair while it is in an install, it will not get the same nutrients that it does when it is not braided, so make sure you’re moisturizing with enough product.

My suggestion would be to use a great leave-in first, and then move on to an oil of your choice (castor, olive, and coconut is a great start).


Wigs are a fantastic option for protective styling. Wigs allow you to keep majority or all of your hair protected but will allow you to care for your hair properly because it can be removed giving you access to your hair. You can have a plethora of hair style options which you can switch up as often as you want without wrecking havoc on your own hair.
When wearing wigs, you should still take care of your hair and have a means of keeping your scalp clean and your hair hydrated. You may not need to spend as much time on your hair as you would if you were wearing you own hair, but you certainly should not neglect your own hair whilst wearing a wig.


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4) Extensions- Weaves and Braids


Weaves and braids can also serve as protective styles but only if they are installed, maintained and removed properly.
Many of us have formed a habit of neglecting our own hair whilst wearing extensions however doing this can lead to extremely dry, damaged and weak tresses which may result in severe breakage. Some aspects of your hair regimen should be continued even whilst wearing hair extensions.

If you are lucky enough to not suffer breakage from wearing braids and weaves then by all means please continue to wear such styles, just don’t completely neglect your own hair whilst wearing them.
Practical Tips for Effective Protective Styling
1) Do not style hair that feels dry and crunchy. If your hair feels this way, moisturise and seal before styling.
2) If you need to detangle before styling, use hands followed by a wide tooth comb if necessary.
3) Avoid unnecessary or harsh combing when creating a protective style
4) Don’t pull hair too tight when creating the style
5) Minimise daily restyling, if possible create styles will last for a few days with minimal daily touch ups.
6) Ensure your tools, e.g. pins, combs, brushes, are in good condition so that it does not snag and rip hair whilst styling

7) Avoid using harsh styling products, hairsprays or gels containing alcohol.
8) Always sleep with your hair covered with a satin scarf. A lose bonnet will allow hair to move around; a scarf tied over the hair however will keep it in place.


Back To School Styles For Kids!

School is approaching again for the new year! He are some styles I love for girls going back to school.

African-American hair requires special care because it is dry, fragile and often curly. Properly caring for your child’s hair is important because damage to the hair follicles that results from improper care is likely to remain permanently.kidshairstylese73cdbc1f919eb5e1f8a87793fdbe61b girlstyles4girlstyles1

Remember when doing braid styles don’t pull too tight. Girls edges are easy to come out and pulling too tight can be very uncomfortable and damaging.

Keep hair moisturized and trimming the ends can be very helpful.

Avoid using rubber bands when styling your child’s hair. Instead, opt for elastics or cloth covered holders. Rubber bands may cause breakage, and elastics and cloth covered holders aren’t as likely to break the hair. If you braid or twist your child’s hair, be sure to do so all the way down the hair. Any part of the hair that isn’t braided isn’t protected like the braided hair, and may have split ends.

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Design On A Dollar!


I love to make pretty things. Recently I was in Dollar Tree and found some cute items to make these floral centerpieces. One centerpiece can be made for around $6 All items were purchased at Dollar Tree except the bling trim which was purchased at Michaels craft store with a 40% off coupon which came to around $3 for a roll.


Glass vase $1

Ribbon $1

Two bouquets of flowers $2

Floral Foam $1

Scented beads $1

You will need scissors and a glue gun and takes less than 10 minutes to make.


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I am excited to announce that I will be starting classes for those interested in making more money in the beauty industry. Whether you are a stylist, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, or someone looking to make some extra cash these classes will be great for you. The first class will be wig making.

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-Hands on experience. Students will increase their knowledge and income.

Students will explore the different options of making a custom wig by sewing machine.

-Learn to create a frontal closure wig unit by machine.

-Learn to create a lace closure unit wig by machine.

-Different ways to market your wig units.

-Students will be able to make units faster and more secure.

Faux Locs Love!

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Wedding Hair Inspiration 2015

Wedding Hair 2015

Summer is the perfect time for weddings. Glamazon Hair Essentials has found some really nice hairstyles that would be perfect for your big day. When setting your appointment for your wedding style, we suggest doing a test day to see how the style looks on you before your big day. We hope you like the styles we picked out. For more hair inspiration and tips be sure to check out! Be sure to follow @glamazonhairessentials on Instagram and @theglamazonlife on Pinterest

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Please note these are not our images. They were used for inspiration only.